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SERENDIPITY Photographer Jordan Matter, R'91, avoids going into a shoot with a story- board or staging notes. His plan is mostly no plan, aside from the goal of capturing tiny, fleeting moments of joy in the every- day things around us. "I believe strongly in serendipity," Matter said. He'll practice a shot for 20 to 30 seconds before shooting finals. His work features athletes, circus folk, and dancers. Matter's photography has received acclaim from The New York Times and BuzzFeed as images that inspire and free the imagi- nation. His next book, Dancers After Dark , releases in August. At the start of finals week, four members of the University Dancers took a study break with Matter to see what moments of joy might be found around the lake. They are Briana Williams, '18 (cover), Natalie Alessio, '18 (Page 2, bottom), Cristina Peters, '18 (Page 3, top left), and Madeline Holm, '19 (Page 3, bottom right). For a behind-the-scenes look at capturing these photos and an interview with Matter, go to magazine.richmond.edu.

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