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Photograph by Kim Lee Schmidt

COLORS OF SPRING Clusters of students gathered on the grass outside Millhiser on one of the first warm days of spring. Indian pop music blared from a stereo. At a table, members of the South Asian Student Alliance opened pack- ets of colored powder, pouring green, yellow, pink, blue, and purple into pans. A crowd gathered. A package of red powder opened with a puff, coating SASA president Aastha Minocha's glasses. Suddenly, all bets were off. Some students tossed handfuls of powder upward, while others delicately flicked it in the air as they danced. A hand smeared a face with yellow. This is Holi, an ancient Hindu spring festival popular in many parts of South Asia and now celebrated on campus. Within 10 minutes, the cloud settled and the pans were empty. "Don't leave," someone announced. "There's more color coming soon."

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